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Flexible Cake Smoother Set Straight Edges

Flexible Cake Smoothers

Flexible Cake Smoothers

Flexible Cake Smoother Sets

8 pieces per set UK ONLY POSTAGE

Sizes include - 1 x 5” round, 2 x 6” x 4” rectangles, 2 x 3” x 4” rectangles, 2 x 2” x 4” rectangles

I currently have the following in stock:

Red, Blue and Grey

A variety of useful sizes to work on large snd small cakes.

These are perfect for:

* Creating sharp edges

* Smoothing out and erasing bumps, dents, nail marks and little folds in the icing

* Fixing little tears

* Smoothing out elephant skin

* Giving you a flawlessly finished canvas to decorate

These are made from food safe polypropylene and are dishwasher safe.

Flexible Cake Smoother Sets